Glengarriff West Cork – Discover the Magic

Glengarriff is nestled in at the end of Bantry Bay and is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Ireland. Follow in the footsteps of Wordsworth, Thackeray and GB Shaw and discover the wonder of its natural beauty. A stunning location where ocean, river and ancient oak forest meet.

Glengarriff Harbour
Glengarriff Harbour

It’s a great holiday destination with a lot to offer, with a  nature reserve as well as wonderful sea & mountain scenery there is something for everyone – a quiet stroll in the famous Garnish Island gardens or an action packed activity holiday.
There are a wide range of activities and a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget – including Hotels, B&Bs , Self Catering Houses and Hostels.

The name Glengarriff comes from the Irish “Gleann Garbh” which means Rough Glen. The mountain scenery is certainly rough and rocky and changes dramatically with the seasons, however the area is famed for its lush vegetation which is a result of its temperate micro-climate.

The Village is a small traditional Irish village and has a variety of pubs and restaurants, so whether you’re just passing through or live there like me, you’ll enjoy a warm welcome…

This site is a destination directory for the greater Glengarriff area and aims to create a useful resource for visitors and locals alike…

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