Garnish Island

A visit to Garnish Island is a must for anyone visiting Glengarriff. It’s one of the genuine hidden treasures of West Cork.

Garnish Island (Confusingly officially called Ilnacullin) is just a short boat trip from the village. The voyage is short, scenic and suitable for all (the route to the islands are protected from the sea and the trip is generally flat calm).

It’s a lovely destination on a sunny afternoon, with a beautiful Italian garden and a selection of tranquil walks. The Island is apporximately 15 hectares and was originally designed by Harold Peto for its owner Annan Brice. The Island was bequeathed to the Irish State in 1953 by Roland Brice and is now maintained by the OPW. There’s a good example of a Martello Tower on the South side of the island with a wonderful view over Bantry Bay.

There is a cafe on the Island for tea coffees and light snacks.

Ferries run from The Pier and The Blue Pool with a smaller boat running from Ellen’s Rock

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