Glengarriff Woods

Glengarriff Woods is a woodland wonderland. The woods comprise a large area of wooded lanscape part of which is managed as a Nature Reserve by The National Parks and Wildlife Service.

There are a series of walks and trails in the Nature reserve that are well maintained by the staff. The Nature Reserve is located jsut outside the village on the Kenmare Road.

The Canrooska River flows through the woods and is a beautiful backdrop to many of the trails. The woods are situated in a deep rough glacial valley which opens out into Bantry Bay. The woods were originally part of the estates of the Earl of Bantry and were greatly enhanced by Richard, the 1st Earl of Bantry, when he planted many of the oaks in the wodds between 1807-1810.

The woods are composed mainly of Sessile Oak, Holly, Birch and Rowan, with some Alder and Willows on the wetter areas. Arbutus occur usually as individuals on the borders on rock outcrops. Yew is occasional. Some fine specimens of old Scots Pine occur also as well as some Beech and some exotics such as Eucalyptus.

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